When Carpet Cleaning Services Work Their Magic on Area Rugs

Area rugs are popular design accessories in many English homes. They add more edge to the home’s interior design by making it appear warmer and more inviting. Since they’re usually placed on heavily used areas, such as the dining and living rooms, area rugs are highly prone to wear and tear. Their fibres also accumulate dirt, microbes, oils, mud and dust due to high foot traffic, spills, smoking and pet “accidents” which, in high levels, can cause a variety of diseases. Thus, to prolong your rug’s beauty and usability and protect the health of your household, you need to perform routine maintenance.

No single cleaning method applies to all types of rugs; different types require a certain care. For instance, it’s not advisable to use a vacuum equipped with a power brush or a beater bar on oriental rugs since it can cause a raking effect on the top layer if applied aggressively. Woven rugs need to be checked for stitching breaks to determine whether they are washable. Carpet cleaning foams would be required for the larger ones that don’t fit in the washing machine. On the other hand, quick drying is a must for sisal, rush and coir rugs as moisture tends to weaken their fibres.

Unless you’re a rug cleaning expert yourself, don’t settle for anything less than professional carpet cleaning. You may be tempted to go DIY, thinking basic cleaning would brush that stubborn dirt away, only to end up with a damaged rug because you scrubbed too hard or used the wrong cleaning solution. Companies like Safe Clean are more equipped to address your rug cleaning needs. They will analyse first the dyes, fibres and condition of your rug to identify the best cleaning method and solution.


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