Berber Carpets and Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips You Should Remember

Berber carpets are made of different types of materials. The cheaper ones are often made of olefin. The other type is made of nylon fabric. One has to know the type of Berber carpet in order to know the most efficient way to clean it.

Olefin carpets are much harder to clean if they are subjected to oil. Olefin carpets have a high affinity for oil and thus they are prone to developing oily stains. Cleaning oily olefin carpets is a hard task – one you should never attempt to do yourself. You should call professional carpet cleaning professionals for that.


After cleaning Berber carpets one should ensure that they are completely to avoid the growth of mildew. Also, Berber carpets have a tendency to show oils after cleaning. To avoid this, one should dry clean after cleaning the carpet.

Berber stains should be removed immediately only with approved cleaning products to avoid hard stains from becoming permanent. Carpet cleaners can deal with stains best with their experience, tools and equipment. As a homeowner, the best way to ensure your Berber carpets stay in good shape is by avoiding dirtying the carpet at all costs. Avoid spilling oils and other liquid products on it.

You should also clean stains as fast as possible with the use of blotting paper or a white towel. You should also vacuum frequently since Berber carpets can easily hide dirt underneath the fabrics. Berber carpets should be cleaned using dry cleaning process due to their affinity for oil while olefin carpets should be cleaned using steam cleaning. Always ensure your carpet is as dry as possible when placing it on the floor.


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